The Appeal Hearing – Part 1

“As one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, you have continually said to us you refuse to comment.” – Martin Benzie

“‘…how much worse could this get for you?Because, let us just say the decision eventually comes to the fact that you’re disfellowshipped. Surely that means that from the standpoint of Jehovah, if Armageddon comes imminently, you’ve had it! So, how much worse can it be for you?” – Philip Jones

Having been disfellowshipped on the specific grounds of apostasy, namely believing that Jesus should be worshipped, I appealed the Judicial Committee’s judgement.

An appeal committee comprising of 3 current or erstwhile Circuit Overseers was convened.

Listen to the audio of the Appeal Committee hearing
. This is part 1.
Download the full transcript.

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